Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blowing Up Armageddon One Last Time

Before I begin my latest foray into the blogosphere of personal movie reviews, I feel obligated to revisit my past experience one last time.  In 2005, my brother, Nick, and his college roommate, Brian, started their own movie review blog, Armageddon Blows, and I was invited to join them two years later.  That was my senior year of high school and I jumped in head first, writing seven entries from February through July of 2007.  When I moved on to Beloit College, blogging about movies never seemed to fit my schedule like before, and I’ve only reviewed one movie since that first six-month push. 

Armageddon Blows remains an active, but mostly dormant, blog, so I decided that it was time to start fresh with a blog of my own, Mark It 8, Dude.  Though before I start writing new material I wanted to look back at blog entries from my high school years.  I will now provide links to those articles so my readers can begin where it all started (and feel free to explore the rest of Armageddon Blows to read Nick and Brian’s reviews, it's quite fun to page through).

To bridge my past with my future, it is now time to “mark” those films (because what’s a movie review without some semi-arbitrary rating system?).  I have to note that these ratings might not reflect what I had given when I wrote the reviews years ago.  Naturally, one’s tastes may change as they move from 18 years old to 23, so I will now be looking at these films from the lens of someone five years removed from high school.

Watchmen – Mark it 7.
The Simpsons Movie – Mark it 6.
The UP Documentaries – Mark it 9.
Dark City – Mark it 8.
Grindhouse:  Planet Terror – Mark it 6.
Grindhouse:  Death Proof – Mark it 7.
Secretary – Mark it 6.
The 39 Steps – Mark it 7.


  1. Zack,

    So glad to see AB live on, but new and improved. Love the title and how much thought you put into the rating system. I'll be checking in from time to time as I put Mark it 8 into my Google Reader.

    I haven't even thought about AB in a while but haven't given up on writing and putting my voice out there. My new work related venture is www.sagelike.com. Speaking of tech, if you want to get a real domain name (ie markit8.com) let me know--I can help.

  2. Thanks Brian... I'll make sure to check out Sagelike (and be completely lost amidst all the tech speak). And I'll definitely keep the domain name thing in mind. Though, I'll probably wait and see if my newfound inspiration is sustained before jumping to that next step.

    I look forward to reading more of your comments as I post more things... a new review should be up very soon.